The first round in the history of the Belgian Enduro Cup took place this weekend at Mont

Enclus, famous small hill in a secluded area completely flat, to the delight of many

Flemish bikers, but also Walloons and Northern French. On the menu, a formula "sprint"

in two services( 4specials )one day and one night, concocted by the local chief Pavel Van

Oost (Belgian champion Master enduro title!) And his team of Broken Bicycle Club.

Julien Soussignée had the honor of inaugurating palmares to over 170 excited riders and

awards evening will be remembered!

Appointment on March 20 for the second round of the Belgian Enduro Cup at the enduro

of St. Herbert in Chaudfontaine, on the lands of Nicolas Casteels.

Ranking Belgian Enduro Cup # 1 - Detailed rankings: www.chronorace.be


1- undersigned Julien

2- Nicolas Daniels

3- Legros Justin


1- Frank Gilles

2- Ibens Christophe

3- Maxime Legrand


1- Hubert Thomas

2- Sam Welsch

3- Fox Bastien

Master 1

1- Nicolas Casteels

2- Jef Janssens

3- Moulaert Bruno

Master 2

1- Kris Hertzians

2- Muddy Xavier

3- Compere Benoit

Master 3

1- Frédéric Van de Weerdt

2- Joel Fox

3- Desagher Gilles


1- Hessens Liesbeth

2- Helen Kristien

3- Achten Kristien